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 Parent Advisory Council

    Parent advisory council meetings are held on six to eight Saturdays during the school year and run for 30 minutes from 11:30 until 12:00 noon, when the studentsí German classes also end. Critical decisions are reached jointly by the parent advisory council members and the principal. All parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate or just come and listen. This year's meeting dates are listed in tne "NEWS".

    Over the past decade, some of the council's achievements have included establishing the school's website in June, 2001, appropriately celebrating the school's 140th anniversary in 2004, and actively facilitating and assisting with the school's move to the new, modern and centrally located Ray Lewis School facility in 2005.

    The website is spreading knowledge about the school to more students and their families in our communities who share an interest in learning the German language. Members of the Council are also playing an increasingly active role in publicizing the school and its offerings.

    New members  are invited to join and would be welcome to participate in the collaborative teamwork of the parent advisory council. Please contact Frau Andrea McRae, president, at the school or Frau Petra Hunke-Peitchinis, principal, at the school or at (905) 869-7306.

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