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German for Children!  From Kindergarten to Grade 8, Germania Language School offers your children the chance to acquire a practical and varied knowledge of the German language.

German for Teens and Adults!  Germania Language School offers credit courses that prepare for the Ontario Ministry of Education's high school credits in German in Grades 9 through 12.

German for University Studies!  Germania Language School also offers courses that prepare for the German Language Diploma. This diploma opens up the chance to pursue free university studies in Germany.

Curriculum:  As a member of the Canadian Association of German Language Schools, Germania Language School adheres to the guidelines in the "Leitfaden" curriculum. This curriculum provides the basis for instruction at German language schools nationwide. Our local education authority is The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, Adult and Continuing Education, which is provided with a curriculum that encompasses all of the grades taught at Germania Language School.

Language Consultant:  Germania Language School is overseen by the German Language Consultant, who is a representative of the Federal Republic of Germany and has his office at the Peel District School Board.

Learning Resources:  Germania Language School has always prided itself in offering textbooks that are published in Germany and developed specifically for students of "German as a Second Language".

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