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Registration 2018/2019:  Registration forms for 2018/2019 are now available. To download your form, please click here.
Registrations will occur on Registration Day (September 8th, 2018).

  • Events 2018-2019:

     December 15 - Christmas party
    May 25 - Summer party

  • Peanut-free policy: When packing snacks or sending other food items in to your child's class, please be aware that there are children at the school with SEVERE life-threatening peanut allergies.

  • To all parents, students and Denninger's customers:  We would like to ask you to please keep your receipts from Denninger's for us throughout the year. You may give your receipts to any one of our teachers whenever you have the opportunity. In December, Denninger's will give us a credit for 0.5% of the total amount towards Christmas treats which Nikolaus will be handing out to all students on the last day before the Christmas holidays.

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