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       Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Canada's oldest German language school - since 1864: founded over 150 years ago!

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 Why study German?
  GERMAN  is for a new breed of

Being average isn't good enough anymore. The most exciting frontiers in the new century are going to come from what's inside your head. And that's where studying German will give you an advantage:

   In communications
      In business
         In teaching
            In the arts

   In research and development
      In the travel industry
         In government affairs
            At college and university

Germania Language School offers you the chance to learn one of the most important languages of the world!

A qualified team of enthusiastic German language teachers turns learning the German language into a broad and varied experience for both young and old.

Your children or you yourself will be pleased and satisfied to acquire and to be able to apply a rich and expressive vocabulary.

Whether in your professional or cultural life, in your business affairs or on trips abroad, speaking German can point you in the right direction!

For further information, please contact:

Tel.: (905) 643-8789  Frau Petra Hunke-Peitchinis

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